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Artificial limbs provided to 51 amputees at Norvic hospital

The government with support from the Embassy of India, India-based philanthropic organisation Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti and Chaudhary Foundation provided artificial limbs to 51 amputees amidst a programme at Norvic hospital today.

The amputees of various age groups starting from six were provided with Indian prosthesis popularly known as ‘Jaipur foot’. The BMVSS claimed that they would also provide the limbs to additional 500 amputees in near future at a community hospital in Nawalpur, Gaidakot. MVSS claimed that it provided services to over 85, 000 amputees a year worldwide. It said artificial limbs are easy to use, easy to maintain and cost Rs 50,000.

BMVSS provides the amputees with artificial limbs, calipers, crutches, ambulatory aids like wheelchairs and other equipment, all free of charge. BMVSS claimed it had so far provided 1.7 million such limbs to beneficiaries in 26 countries worldwide.

Speaking at the programme, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Population Upendra Yadav expressed gratitude to BMVSS for starting the movement in Nepal. Yadav said, “Apart from today’s support we are also interested in creating permanent centres here in the country that could continuously support such people.” He also said that the government was ready to provide any kind of support for such a programme. Similarly, Indian Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri said that the Government of India was willing to organise more programmes in health sector in Nepal. Talking about the famous prosthesis in India he said, “The technology used in the artificial limbs is clearly future-oriented and is most efficient and handy.”

Founder of BMVSS DR Mehta said that since the establishment of the organisation in 1975, it had been working to provide services to the needy and unprivileged groups. “Our artificial limbs have not only provided the people chance to walk freely but also helped re-establish their lost dignity”

Chairman of CG Corp Global Binod Chaudhary said they were ready to support similar programmes in future.

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