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Are these 5 adventure bikes, what specialty to come in 2019?

Kathmandu Last time the attraction of adventure motorcycles has increased in the youth’s homepage. The advent of the adventures of adventure for a long distance is considered to be suitable.

Many companies around the world are producing adventure motorcycles. Meanwhile, there is a list of five adventure motorcycles that will be public in Indian market within 2019.

Hero Xpulse -200

Hero Motocorp will be able to bring 200 CC adventure adventure expands – 200. The 2018 publication has been public on the auto expo public in 2019. This will be a heroesome adventure adventure motorcycle.

Hero Extreme -200 has been used engine extensions -200. The said engine gives 18 bhp and 17 nm-torque. Fif speed speed, LED headlamp, flower digital instructor cluster, and specialty heroes expands will be in -200.


KTM-390 adventure

Similarly, KTM Company has also brought the final preparations to bring 390 adventure bikes. The company has used a regular non-wheel in bike. Which will be suitable for both Afro and Unrode. The design of this bike, built on Primium Dual-Sport Segmentant, is derived from Flugseep 1290 Super Adventure Motorcycle.

It generates 44 PS power and 35 nm-torch liquid-colds of 373 cc engine capacity, the ring cylinder engine. This engine also has KTM-390 Duke and RC-390 module.

The bike has large size wheels, dual sports tires, suspension for long-distance travels, pennier mounts, comparable calling pauses, high-intensity headlamps, wind-screen, dual disk-breaks and ABS systems.

Benali TRK-502

he Trinilee TRK-502 bike has been entered into Nepalese market. The TRK-502 is Benelly’s first adventure bike. It has five hundred CC-capable engines. And, this engine can extract the power of 47 brake horsepower.

It has 6 gear. Advanchure bikes have a good ground ground and a large capacity of a fuels tank. Because, these bikes are designed for a long distance trip to Afro. Keeping this in mind, ground clearance of 23 centimeters is placed at TRK-502. And, its Fuel tank capacity is 20 liters.

This bike suspension with disc brakes on both sides is also high. Benali TLR-502




The BMW company has also started preparing its adventure motorcycle R-1250 GS motorcycle. The company has claimed this technique specialty involved in other competitive models in this motorcycle.

The 1254 CC capacity engine available in it produces 143 nm-torque with 136 BHP in 7750 rpm with 6250 rpm. Its engine has a six-speed gearbox. ABS, automotive stability control, hill-start controls and other features.


For the first time ever, the new Scrambler 1200 line-up introduces the ultimate combination of 1200cc Bonneville twin power, class-leading ‘state-of-the-art’ rider-focused technology, beautiful modern custom styling, and peerless original design DNA. A whole new benchmark for category-defining capability, this motorcycle delivers everything required to take your riding fun to the most exciting level on the road and off it.



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