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14 february valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic cleric who lived in Rome in the third Century. There are numerous tales about St Valentine and after some time these accounts developed into the legend we know today.

At a great time, numerous Romans were changing over to Christianity, however the Emperor Claudius II was an agnostic and made strict laws about what Christians were permitted to do. Claudius trusted that Roman officers ought to be totally dedicated to Rome and hence passed a law keeping them from wedding. St Valentine started to wed these warriors in mystery Christian services and this was the start of his notoriety for putting stock in the significance of affection.

In the end, Valentine was discovered and imprisoned for his wrong doings against Claudius. While detained, Valentine thought about his kindred detainees and furthermore his jailer’s visually impaired little girl. Legend has it that Valentine relieved the young lady’s visual deficiency and that his last demonstration before being executed was to think of her an adoration message marked ‘from your Valentine’. Valentine was executed on 14 February in year 270 CE.


While Valentine’s Day is commended in many nations, diverse societies have built up their very own customs for this celebration. In a few sections of the world Valentine’s Day is seen as multi day for communicating love between relatives and companions, instead of that of sentimental couples. A few conventions incorporate leaving lollies and presents for kids and others incorporate demonstrations of gratefulness between companions.

Valentine’s Day is most regularly connected with sentimental love, with a huge number of Valentine’s Day cards being traded every year. Blessings of blossoms or a solitary red rose are sent with sentimental messages to friends and family and couples get to know each other.

Numerous couples observe Valentine’s Day with supper, an outing or extraordinary home-prepared feast. Numerous eateries offer Valentine’s Day supper advancements and sustenance is regularly given images of affection like hearts and blooms. Another mainstream Valentine’s Day movement is to enjoy a lavish lodging remain in a delightful area, enabling a couple to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything and appreciate some quality time together. Engagement propositions are additionally mainstream on Valentine’s Day, and usually picked as the ideal day to express their affection and responsibility. Some engagement propositions are conveyed very innovatively, for example, in the wake of moving to the highest point of a mountain, or posting a message on a board. Whatever the strategy, propositions to be engaged made on Valentine’s Day are commonly sentimental and essential.


The most common symbols of Valentine’s Day are heart shapes, which are used to decorate many things, including cards, trees, wrapping paper, cookies and gift boxes. Other symbols associated with Valentine’s Day are pairs of birds, cute teddy bears, Cupid and his arrows and couples kissing or embracing. The colors red and pink are often associated with Valentine’s Day.

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